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Founding of Persia ArtGallery

Persia ArtGallery was established 2021 in Munich, Germany to offer a unique luxury range of genuine persian handicrafts by persian artists. Our Handicrafts are handpicked, obsessively curated collections of the finest handicrafts from the persian Bazaar. Persian handicrafts come in a wide variety and types. Here is a short list of our unique collection of handicrafts:

  • Enamel work on copper (Minakari)
  • Wood and copper marquetry (Khatam Kari)
  • Turquoise Stone Inlay (Firoozeh Koob)
  • Fine goldsmith work made of metal threads (Malileh Kari)
  • Persian handwoven textile (Termeh)

Aras Shojaedin (founder of Persia ArtGallery) was born on September 21st, 1984 in Shiraz and grew up there, a city known for its unique persian handicrafts. He completed his studies as a mining engineer and worked in the field of music and art trade at the same time. After emigrating to Germany in 2011, he started working as a construction manager for several years, but over the years maintained a strong mutual connection to persian culture and traditional crafts.

Recognizing the uniqueness of persian handicrafts has helped us immensely to create an educational and sales platform to showcase and sell local persian handicrafts to global handicraft lovers. Hence, in 2021 he launched Persia ArtGallery with a strong focus on collecting and selling distinctive persian handicrafts. Since then, Persia ArtGallery has grown steadily, expanding its artist and client network. During these years, Persia ArtGallery has collaborated with many artists across Iran to expand its range of activities. This gives us great confidence in the work of our artists and more importantly in our 5 star customer service ratings.

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